False Neutral 3rd Anniversary

Two-Wheel Tuesday: Happy Birthday to Us!

The False Neutral — that’s the Hooniverse Podcast Network’s motorcycle-themed podcast, for those who aren’t regulars here — debuted three years ago today. Eric, Garrett, & I were fortunate that things took off pretty quickly, thanks to the willingness of Jeff to give us a home, and Hooniverse readers to give us a try. Since then, we’ve done 85 more episodes and we’re currently ranked #41 in the Automotive category of iTunes (admittedly nonsensical) podcast rankings. For the first two years, we recorded weekly, then the schedule got a bit haphazard, until we went into hiatus for the last quarter of 2017. When we came back a little over a year ago, we settled on the monthly schedule that we’ve faithfully stuck to since. Along the way, there have been a couple of great guests who joined us from around the world (thanks to all of them!), as well as a couple of episodes notable for the recording and editing challenges we had to overcome. Hopefully, our love of those crazy two-wheeled contraptions has always come through. The three of us have come to really love making this show and expect it to continue for a long time to come.

Here’s a link to that that first episode. Personally I can’t bring myself to listen to it, in case it’s really cringe-worthy — I can’t really remember anymore. I do know that we tried some things early on that didn’t work, and it took us a while for the three of us and find our groove…but that’s true of most things in life, right?

False Neutral – You Gotta Start Somewhere

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