Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Podcast #90 – Wild Cards

After our usual project bike updates, this month we discuss three listener questions:

  • What’s your “wild card” bikes, which you’d like to own for a short time just to satisfy your curiosity?
  • Can you buy a good beginner bike for $1000, and would a Kawasaki KLR650 be one of them?
  • What should you do with used helmets?

So sit back and listen as we wind our way through both building and riding two-strokes, singles, V-twins, and even electric bikes and scooters.

You can click below to listen, or get it through all the usual channels: ShoutEngine, iTunes, TuneIn, and Amazon Alexa (“Alexa, play the False Neutral podcast”).

False Neutral – Wild Cards

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Garrett’s RZ bodywork getting new clearcoat
Pete’s new disc brake front wheel (with bad rim) and fork tube lowers.
Honda RC51
Royal Enfield 650 Continental GT
Royal Enfield INT650
Aermacchi 350 Turismo Veloce
Honda CTX1800
Panther M120 650 “Sloper”
Ural Electric Concept
Ducati 900SD
EBR 1190SX
Suzuki GS850 w/ Windjammer fairing
Honda CX500 with accessory “king & queen” seat.

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