Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Podcast #79 – Not Quite Doing It

Garrett didn’t quite go to a track day.
Garrett also didn’t quite go on his summer motorcycle trip.
Eric didn’t quite get his electronic ignition installed.
Pete didn’t quite do Smackdab.
We discuss all of these things on this month’s episode, along with our views on Travis Pastrana’s successful recreation of the Caesar’s Palace fountain jump that Evel Knevel didn’t quite complete.

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False Neutral – Not Quite Doing It

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One response to “Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Podcast #79 – Not Quite Doing It”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    I don’t have too much automotive news to chime in with on Fridays, so I’m taking this opportunity to threadjack TWT with my meager moto mumblings…

    Honda NC750X-DCT: Latest news is they’ll have some in stock August 30th. Okay, more time to save pennies, but debuting the 2018 models one month before Oktoberfest starts pretty much means there were no 2018 models. I have no idea why Honda is having to delay the release of the 750s. Tariff war? Euro Spec bikes not meeting US standards? (Some say they’re available in Canada…)

    Laverda RGA1000 Jota: The failing front brakes turned out to be a cracked and re-welded front MC. I had to think really hard to remember having that welded 21 years ago. Sorted with an aftermarket MC. Leaky new fork seals replaced with even newer ones. This time, instead of shoving the Laverda in a truck and compressing the new seals all the way for transport, I rode the Laverda home from Mendocino. Better that way.

    DRZ400S: I can get the DRZ in and out of my Econoline by myself, and go out to the countryside and rail it around, which was kind of the point behind the Econoline. This week finds the rigs in Mendocino County for the second time in a month. My pal dug up a DRZ400E with a plate & lights, but no mirrors and we went on a 140 mile ride on poorly paved mountain roads, stopping to see if the gates to the dirt logging roads were accidentally left open anywhere between the Anderson Valley Brewing Company and the North Coast Brewing Company. They weren’t, but who cares.