Two-Stroker Ace: ’64 Saab Races through Copenhagen Carnage

Definitely NOT driven by an Ivy League professor…
Now that we know Saab will live to BORK! BORK! fight another day, we can put the eulogies for our favorite automotive jet spawn away. But who says we have to put away the moving pictures as well? [youtube][/youtube] Most of us know the early Saab cars had two-stroke engines. However not all (None?) of us know what it’s like to drive one of the little things. Thankfully, Anders Jensen has been kind enough to put a camera in his 1964 Saab Sport (which is set up for 1,000cc-and-under historic racing) and put the resultant videos on the Tubes of You for all to see and give us an idea of what it’s like to give one a serious workout. The most action packed of those vidyas is seen above, and was shot during the 2008 Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix. In addition to dodging mangled MGBs and oil-puking Giulias, there’s plenty of excitement as Anders zings the 844cc triple up to (and past) the redline and stirring the 4-speed manual via the column-mounted shifter. No, you didn’t misread it: this car has four-on-the-tree. Praise Odin and pass the lutefisk

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