Twin-Turbo T-Bucket Tuesday!

1923 ford t-bucket roadster for sale Bereft of any unique eBay finds from my usual searches, I waded into the “Other Makes” listings for a laugh. Among the endless fake Cobras and a wildly optimistic GTO-cum-Veryon job, I found this T-bucket. While it’s a typical ’80s-’90s fiberglass body with a 9″ rear and Mustang II front suspension, it’s sporting a semi-unique twin-turbo 4.3L V6. Essentially he’s swapped two cylinders from a 350 for two hair dryers. The setup’s not particularly exotic, as it’s just breathing through a carb in a box. There’s no mention of how the ignition compensates for boost, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on that one.

But those tires, man. Holy crap, those tires. The rears have got to be about 33×16″ and the fronts are…from a motorcycle? (Note that one’s mounted backwards).

Anyway, he’s asking $12,000 for it, which seems a little steep for a slapped together kit, but probably fair if it’s sorted and dialed in.

“1923” Ford T-bucket Roadster – eBay Motors

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