Truckload Sale: Buy A Truckload of Ammo, Keep The Truck?

I'm unsure if this is one of the trucks, or just a stock photo. Either way, I'll take it!
In what may be one of the strangest promotions we’ve ever seen, this one comes from a company named “ArmaLite” which apparently sells the… you know, ammo-stuff for those gun-things that Americans seem so fixated on.
The ammo is delivered on a truck, which is delivered on a truck. How meta.
So here’s the basics of the deal; if you feel you haven’t shot enough of your fellow Americans, you can call up ArmaLite and request some implements with which to improve the shot-to-not-shot ratio. If you order enough of them — and we’re talking about an entire truckload here — they will load the whole shipment into an M35A2, also known as a deuce-and-a-half, for delivery. Once that delivery truck finally gets to you, the truck is also yours to keep. As the story goes, the owner of ArmaLite has a yard full of old M35A2’s, as well as a warehouse full of excess stock. So the apparent catch to the deal is that you have to just order a truckload of ammo, from whatever he has in stock. I’m not sure how much choice you get in deciding what you get exactly. Still, free Deuce and a Half! I don’t really understand the gun culture that exists in the United States, but I’m more than willing to ignore that for this deal. Someone buy a truckload of ammo and send me the truck!

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