Truck Thursday: Three-axle Citroen CX pickup

I got slighlty bored with the Bay of E, so I started browsing Polish car auctions sites. No other specific reasons really, other than perhaps the cars are a bit different, cooler in a sense. Also, the mighty Dollar is damn strong, and I just happen someone who is familiar with shipping procedures. Just sayin’, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, this browsing is obviously going to lead to some amazing finds, such as this three-axles Citroen pickup. This ’78 CX was obviously converted into a pickup truck, specifically to be used in filming and movie productions. It sports a 2.5L diesel and manual transmission, but unfortunately hasn’t ran in four years. The seller reassures that it ran well, when it did ran last. Right. It’s over eighteen feet long and weights in at 4600lbs. No word on suspension details for the third axle, but c’mon, how complex could it really be? I would be a great base for a motor home. The auction starts at… less than $300!!

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