Truck Thursday: The Southern Comfort Edition

honey So, this olelongrooffan doesn’t have a whole lot of room to talk about this truck as I am sporting around in a rebadged S-10 Blazer Extreme these days. In truth, my longerroof is merely a regular 2001 Blazer with a few questionablely styled body parts tacked on, some quasi fancy wheels, and a well traveled Opel badge stuck on its nose. It certainly possesses nothing special in the paint department, that is unless you ask one of my homeowners who hails from the state with that famous Mint Julep consuming crowd and whose S550 Mercedes bears the Sunshine State license plate stating “KY B4 FL”. Yeah he calls the color of my longerroof “Kentucky Blue.” And of course, that reminds me of a horse I grew up with whose name is “Blue Damn You.” But that is another Hoonitale, lived, but yet to be written. So, “what,” I can hear my fellow Hoons asking, “does this have to do with this Truck Thursday edition?” As expected, clicking on through the jump would be a required effort on your part to get the answer to that question. honey1 Nowadays, this olelongrooffan is happily re-employed in the new home construction industry and, fortunately, seem to be well received with the dudes and dudettes who employ me. In the old days, a common sight around a new home construction site was the viewing of a nearly ubiquitous “OJ front” F150 pickemuptruck. Well, let this olelongrooffan share with my fellow Hoons that much has changed in the last few years. These days, it’s all about style. And a Bit ‘O Honey. honey2 And it was here on these faux cobblestone streets, this olelongrooffan stumbled upon this multicolored beauty. I know that, while I am confident in piloting that blue longerroof seen Waldo style above, the only thing that really sets this olelongrooffan out from pretty much any other S-10 Blazer is the sticker the Missus sent me last year. However the dude driving this Avalanche can be spotted from across the county. honey4 Yeah, the multicolor hue this beast carries on its exterior body parts and applied sometime between 2003 and 2006 certainly makes a statement. Just what that statement is supposed to be escapes this olelongrooffan. honey3 But whatever that statement is, my fellow Hoons know that it is the Ultimate. Image Copyright Hooniverse 2014/longrooffan

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