Truck Thursday: Reader Submission: Hoonable Forklift

Carl sent in the pictures of this very interesting forklift. Now, I only know two things about forklifts and they are both wrong, but this thing sure as heck does not look like any forklift I have ever seen.

According to Carl the owner of this thing is Mike Bennett of Purdy, Missouri. He says “he doesn’t use it so much since he sold his trucking business but it still comes in handy if he needs to lift something heavy.” Hmm, with a 25,000lb lift capacity and over 12 feet of lift height, what sort of stuff does Mike have laying around?

This creation is based on an early 70s model, specifically of what I am not sure, and features a CAT 3208 diesel with twin 6-inch chrome stacks. Total weight comes to 33,500lbs. Insert Tim ‘The Toolman’ Taylor grunt here. 8-foot forks and a heated cab round off this useful, comfy, and hoonable forklift.

One last, but certainly not least, thing Carl mentions is that Mike “was told that a side shift fork positioning mechanism couldn’t be fitted to this model Mike , being a good hoon built his own side shifting fork positioning mechanism that works.” I google’d this and came up with nothing, perhaps someone can explain?

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