Truck Thursday: Not Your Average Craigslist Barn Find

This olelongrooffan is not sure as to whether or not my fellow Hoons remember the oldstationbus of which I was the caretaker for a few years a whiles back. It was a 1963 Ford Falcon Station Bus, a sister to the Ford Econoline. When it was acquired off of the bay that is e out near that city with the Alamo, the Texas license plate proudly displayed on its bumpers was enumerated “N63-NSY.” When TheGoodAttorney saw that plate adorning the wall of my Taj Mahal just off the beach down there in The Birthplace of Speed, he immediately came up with “Great 63- Not So Young.” Hence its name, oldstationbus.
Anyway, ever since that buggy was in my possession, several of my friends and brothers continue to keep this olelongrooffan posted on the latest and greatest of all things happening with the Blue Oval’s forward control van of the early to mid 1960s. The Beast featured for today’s Truck Thursday is one of those offerings, I think it was TheKenMan who alerted us to it. Now know this my fellow Hoons, most of this olelongrooffan’s offerings are personal experience based but this one is just to sweet to pass up.
Feel free to make the jump to check this one out.

A 1950 Spartan Travel Trailer with a 1966 Ford FC Cabover tow vehicle. Yeah, that is a Ford Forward Control cab on that dually cabover. Unfortunately, the Craigslist ad is a bit short on explanation stating only that the seller’s father in law built this rig down in Florida, of course, and drove it to Lyons, Ohio and parked it in the garage a number of years ago. Even in this old photograph, it looks pretty awesome with that matching paint job and window tint and dark stripe to boot.

The only exterior shot of the trailer is that old school photograph with the tow vehicle attached. The seller did, however, provide a few interior images of the trailer, presumably parked in that barn. Those images certainly don’t do the interior any justice and show the interior to be much darker than it really is.

This olelongrooffan knows this as my folks had a cool old Spartan out in the woods on the residual property from the sale of Haven Lee Farm in Halltown. Theirs, like every Spartan I have ever seen, has beautiful light maple paneling on its interior walls and it is usually finished in a light “gold” color. And that paneling is not elcheapo crap acquired from Jimmie Johnson’s sponsor either. No-Sir-E-Bob, that paneling is honest to God maple and installed by real craftsman on its assembly line over in the city that has been coined “The Oil Capital of The World.”

Not much appeared to be overlooked by the builder either. To this olelongrooffan’s untrained eye, the build looks to be a pretty “jam up” job with some serious thought put into the over the road durability of this COE. Again, the seller provides no information on the drive train nor pretty much anything else. Yeah, it’s a pig in a poke but in this olelongrooffan’s opinion, every penny spent on bringing it back to life would be worth it for the awe factor alone.
My fellow Hoons can bet that, unlike million dollar motorcoaches, there will not be another one in the campsite next door.
This rig is priced at $18,000 and the original Craigslist ad can be seen here and check out this other tin can tourist this olelongrooffan spotted awhiles back.
Lede Image Copyright Hooniverse 2017/longrooffan
All Other Images Courtesy of Craigslist and The Seller Of This Beauty

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6 responses to “Truck Thursday: Not Your Average Craigslist Barn Find”

  1. mdharrell Avatar

    Nice find! Things like this make my wife glad that our driveway can’t be widened.

  2. NapoleonSolo Avatar

    Very cool!

  3. Tank Avatar

    That is amazing

  4. dukeisduke Avatar

    Wow. With the way the frame rails kick up over the rear axle, I’m thinking that it’s built on some existing medium duty chassis, rather than completely scratch-built. And yes, I remember the ole Station Bus.

  5. dead_elvis, inc. Avatar
    dead_elvis, inc.

    What a cool find! My first reaction, before scrolling down, was “how did that FC ever drag that trailer?!”

  6. Zentropy Avatar

    Pretty impressive engineering. I’d love to find an old Econoline.