Truck Thursday: Long Shots: Not Just Any Old Elkie

So the other day, this olelongrooffan was out be-bopping around these here Ozark Mountains and came across something me thinks my fellow Hoons will love laugh out loud at appreciate. Yeah, it’s a Designer Series and I’m confident the condition of this trucklet will be noticed by all.

The cool ass side exhaust pipes are rarely seen these days on a factory offering. Especially on a truck and never encased with a plastic faring.
And a hood scoop to boot straight from the factory?* Fagetaboutit.
Yeah this sweetheart is a Super Sport is as offered via Choo Choo Customs with full factory authorization from The General back in the day.
The SS would eventually return for ’84 through a joint venture with an outsourced company called Choo Choo Customs, based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee.
The cars basically shared the same front fascia with the Monte Carlo SS of the time, and came equipped with the same 190hp 305cui V8. Production was moved from The States to Mexico for the last two model years. via
Even our esteemed Mr. Brennan posted about these a whiles back.
I’ll wager the current owner of this Elkie is not the original purchaser as that is a Blue Oval dealer’s sticker situated on the tailgate of this sweety.
This is in near immaculate condition. The inconsistency of the paint is actually a shadow from the adjacent sign.
And every google image this olelongrooffan found during a simple search showed these SS’s with these outriggers in place.
The interior of the 71,000 mile driven beauty was in excellent condition save the burn hole in the bench on the driver’s side of that flip down armrest.
And while these Elkies are considered small, check out the overall length of it compared to my longerroof.
And this olelongrooffan will be cataloging this image for a future installment of Encyclopedia Hoonatica about concave/convex windows.
All in all a sweet looking ride and even though the roof is to short, this olelongrooffan would be happy to have this in my livery to carry the goods on my next visit to Costco.
Image Copyright Hooniverse 2016/longrooffan

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  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    What a weirdball. That Monte Carlo nose job looks like an actual prosthetic nose. Some trim elements lower down might introduce it to the rest of the car, which is not shy about trim. On that point, those bed rails scream mortician’s flower car.
    I saw an Elkie with a cap today and thought, Man those caps must be a lot harder to find than the El Camino. Also, El Camino Shooting Brake FTW.

  2. salguod Avatar

    These SS El Caminos always struck me as odd. Just slapping a rubber nose on a standard El Camino and leaving the chrome trim, small steel rallye wheels and white walls seemed like a half hearted effort at best.

    1. wunno sev Avatar
      wunno sev

      that’s why it’s so surprising that GM had to shop these out. half-hearted efforts (at best) were their specialty.

  3. HycoSpeed Avatar

    I never realized the SS Caminos had those side pipes. Pretty sweet looking!

  4. bus plunge Avatar
    bus plunge

    A friend of mine had an identical truck to this Choo Choo Custom back in the mid 1980s. It was a Custom Deluxe all dolled up. I owned a Centurian Cruiser.