Truck Thursday Long Shots: Classic C-10 GM Shortbed

So, the other day this olelongrooffan was heading down A1A along the World’s Most Famous Beach and spotted a classic old GM pickemuptruck parked at one of the beach access ramps we have around these here parts. Of course, I had to whip a Ueeey to gather up some images of it to share with my fellow Hoons.

It started life as a short bed and whoever built the bed on this did a jam up job.  The urethane coating on it was smooth and it was stained a perfect tint.  The old school bike on its ass end was finished in matte black and looked pretty damn cool as well.


It had a big ole toolbox on the bed to store unknown goodies out of sight of inquiring minds like this olelongrooffan.  It had all identifying badges removed Murilee style and the remaining holes were filled to perfection.

Out front it had those cool little mirrors mounted right at the top of those highly desirable wing vents on the doors.  The lowered stance of this General product was extra nice.  It could be any GMC or Chevrolet product ranging from 1967 to 1972 and this is my favorite GM truck body style.

Whoever built this truck did a really nice job. From the perfect shade of green, the tube grille, the execution of the selection of the wheels and tires to the flames all over the cab of this truck, it is just a nice well rounded rod.

And one this olelongrooffan wouldn’t mind Hooning around in. All the while watching out for the inevitable ensueing rust.

Images Copywright: Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

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