Truck Thursday: Jeep Forward Control Van

There was a time when the Jeep brand was not producing amazing concept vehicles. No, there was a time when the Jeep brand, whomever it was owned by at the time, would just produce and sell the vehicles they designed.

I had no idea such thing existed, a Jeep Forward Control Ambulance. I found this by coincidence and was overwhelmed with the awesomeness. To say “want” would be an understatement and at this point this may have become my favorite Jeep vehicle of all time. Clicky for more picy.


It is my understanding that this vehicle is being turned into an expedition vehicle. Or perhaps the author of the source article would like it to be so, but whatever the case, it would make an awesome expedition vehicle. I really don’t know if there is anything else to add. I think this is cooler than any Land Rover I have ever seen, even the forward control Land Rover.

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