Truck Thursday: Jeep Cherokee CrossCabrio

Hi, I am one of the five people on earth who appreciates the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet. Don’t hate me, don’t judge me. Besides, we all must love Nissan now because they announced today that they will build the Juke R and we all want to drive one. Personally, I’ll hold off for the Juke R CrossCabriolet, chassis rigidity be damned, but that’s just me. 

The owner of this 1996 Jeep Cherokee Classic seemed to have been inspired by the CrossCabriolet or the perhaps the 1990 Jeep Freedom Concept. Whatever his inspiration was, here is a rear-wheel drive Jeep Cherokee CrossCabrio. Brilliant. Not really. Sort of. The decision to chop the roof was probably made while under the influence. 

[Source: Craigslist | Thanks for the tip Leo!]

The ad says that the windows work but unfortunately there is no roof or tailgate. Before you dismiss it however, just think of the potential:

  • Rock crawler – if you’re a serious fabricator and a true off-roader, the rock crawler you’re building in your garage does not need no stinking roof. The drive-line would end up in the trash too, because you need a big block crate motor and some crazy military axles. At least that’s what the dude on SpikeTV tells me. 
  • 24 Hours of Lemons car!!! FTMFW too!!! And this one will have the benefit of being factory RWD and a lower center of gravity too!!

Somewhat related – I will be at this weekend’s Lemons race in NH, probably just on Saturday for an hour or two. If you’re there and wanna say hi… just shoot me an email, kamilAThooniverseDOTcom.

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