Truck Thursday: A 1319 Diesel For A 13:19 Post


[Just a quick note: Here in the Hooniverse, we post about every hour and a half. It is based on Pacific time and in 24 hour clock format. Thus, this olelongrooffan often gets extreme confused trying to figure all this out while living in the Eastern time zone. I finally figured out that 13:00 = 6 pm for me and that is where I try to stay. However, in honor of today’s Truck Thursday, this olelongrooffan has deliberately self scheduled this post for 13:19. Please forgive this olelongrooffan my Hooniverse Overlords.]

Now this olelongrooffan has previously shared with my fellow Hoons that my new gig has me hanging in a pretty upscale FantasyLand residential community. Now most of the subcontractors my firm hire put a ton o miles on their vehicles every year. As a result, bright and shiny new trucks and SUVs, as well as many varieties of luxury cars belonging to our homebuyers, pass by this olelongrooffan prett near every day. There was this one day however, this olelongrooffan heard a unique, almost guttural, growl of a vehicle pass by the window of the den of my $2,000,000 cube and I just knew I had to check it out. Zyncro anyone?


So, a tad bit later I was able to get away and head up that new fangled cobblestone street to see just what it was that had passed on by while this olelongrooffan was immersed in the mundane. Well, as it turns out a great many of our homebuyers are downsizing from their 6,000 square foot homes to their now 3,500 square foot homes and they have brought along their preferred gardeners to enhance the landscaping at their new homes. 


Well, one of those gardeners was the dude who owns this kick ass 1987 Mercedes 1319 Diesel. This thing defines workhorse. Even though it is a 1987 model year, yes those headlights will be seen real soon, but what I mean is, how aged are the mechanics of this beast?


Just look at that. The stepladders consist of huge links of bicycle chains. And check out that stabilizing outrigger to the bow of this beast. Those pee stains on the tarmac? More about those later.


Yeah this truck, which this olelongrooffan was honored enough to see in all its glory, has dual controls for operating that palm tree planting boom along with a pair of NAPA Commercial batteries, one on each side. Huge urge to resist a Michael Waltrip Racing joke here, BTW.


So, this olelongrooffan got to chatting it up with its owner and he revealed a little business strategy of his way back when he was just starting his landscape installation business. “Longroof, while I was in college, in addition to all of my Ag courses, I also took a few marketing ones as well. One of the things I took away from that business college was to find a nich, exploit it, and have a great memory point. Well, after college when I was setting up my business, I was trying to figure out the truck I would need to move and plant this stuff.”


“I was up in the Tampa at some seminar and spotted this bare bones 1319, brand new and sitting on a Mercedes lot,” he continued. “I immediately realized this would be my memory point truck and headed in to buy it. 26 miles showed on the odometer and I drove it home. A buddy had this fabrication company and we put together the bed for it from a bunch of stuff just laying around. 266,000 miles later and I’ve had it ever since. It is still my favorite tool to own and to use,” he concluded.


Finally, my fellow Hoons, here is a sighting of those rectangular headlamps we have all been anticipating. And do my fellow Hoons remember those pee stains on that cobblestone street I mentioned earlier?


Well, TheLandscapeDude didn’t get to where he is today by being a dummy. Those pee stains are fine with him on the street for which this olelongrooffan is responsible.

However in the driveway of that million dollar home? Yeah diapers are necessary.

Images Copyright Hooniverse 2014/longrooffan

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