Truck Thursday: '74 Ford Falcon XB Ute

Earlier Jeff could hardly contain his excitement about the Australian models of GM’s Holden division coming to the States. That’s great news and all, but why don’t we now look at an Aussie vehicle that is already here. While tubes of net are abuzz with the Holden Monaro Pontiac GTO Pontiac G8 Chevy Camaro Chevy Caprice Chevy SS, the other Aussie manufacturer seems to be all but forgotten. 

[Source: | Thanks for the tip Mark!]

We all know what it is, it’s got a 302, it’s right hand drive, four-speed, and in a great color. It also appears to be in great overall condition despite never being restored. It’s obviously uber-rare and it is legally titled and registered. Which brings us to the asking price of $16,900.

That same money buys a hellova El Camino or two. Which do you buy?

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