Truck Thursday – 1987 Dodge Raider

For your Truck Thursday, I invite you to turn on the wayback machine, and turn the dial to 1987. Radical. Check out this little brown truck.
The late 1980’s were a great time for SUV/4-wheel drive buyers: the big boys – the Bronco, C/K Blazer, and the Ramcharger were still going strong, but there were also smaller SUV’s on the road such as the S-10 Blazer, the Bronco II, and this, the Dodge Raider. The Mitsubishi Montero itself competed in the same market as the Raider.
It’s got brown for days.
Details from the ad:

not bad looking little rig, think he said had it running but #3 rod bearing bad, auto 4wd, all there with title, A/C still sealed, these r same as Mitsu Montero, engine is out, has another engine but pan n pattern diff, its said the crank will interchange, both engines come with. also have the 5 factory chrome wheels for extra. listed for a friend, all below is about me n my stuff

The interior is in decent shape, as you can see. That is, it has an interior and it is in a shape. I do like the passenger grab bar on the dash, though. This Raider has no engine under the hood, although parts of one are in the seat, making it the perfect candidate for a crazy engine swap. Diesel? 350 crate motor? Pick your poison.
In 1987, the first year for the Raider, Mitsubishi gave the Montero/Raider/Shogun a two-tone paint job and some other creature comforts, but there’s no mistaking the off-roadability of this little brown box. I can see it bouncing down a rocky trail somewhere here in the Ozarks. The Raider was absolutely an exercise in badge engineering, but it was a successful exercise. The success of the Raider would serve as proof for the bean counters at Chrysler that their own compact SUV was a viable proposition, more than just the Jeep line.
Would you take on this Raider for $600, or would you let rattle on down the trail?
[Source: Springfield Craigslist]

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  1. Ayreonaut Avatar

    There was one of these for sale in decent condition, running and driving too, for 500$ around me about a year ago. I wish I got it.

  2. OttoNobedder Avatar

    Questionable reliability when new..Head gasket and ECM problems plagued this model and its sister the Montero. That makes this a great candidate for a swap