Trolling For Dollars- How Not to Sell Your Porsche 924

Over on the 924Board, a new member has been trying to unload his Porsche, and has taken issue with the fact that no one there wants to buy it. Instead of trying a different venue, he’s decided to unleash his inner troll. The responses from responding board members are awesome.

Supercharger throws out the first volley calling everyone there (in bold uppercase so you know he’s royally peeved) BOCAMF. Now, for those of you not up to speed on the latest Internet memes, that apparently means Bunch Of Cheap-Ass Mother F*****s. Sadly for the Sup-ster, nobody on the board is that savvy, and hence he gets a lot of WTF? responses.

The discussion devolves into queries about a horse for sale and how many hands high it is, and eventually clowns – or ass-clowns to be precise – until Supercharger finally explains the reason for his ire –

To which fiat22turbo succinctly responds THAT’S BECAUSE WE ALL HAVE 924s ALREADY!

Supercharger finally leaves the conversation, and it may not of been his idea to do so. The 924Board members did gain something from this exchange – a new unofficial board slogan – BOCAMF.

Just goes to show, every rose has its thorn, and every troll sings a sad, sad song.

Check out the whole shootin’ match here.

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