Travis Pastrana Gets a Jump on New Year's Eve

If you’re tired of watching New York’s ball drop to bring in the new year, and you’re in the Los Angeles area as 2009 finishes circling the drain, you can catch Travis Pastrana and his Subie WRX ringing in 2010 by jumping from shore to a mid-harbor barge in a stunt promoted by Red Bull.
Long Beach used to be the home of the Spruce Goose, the world’s largest wooden aircraft. That plane – the folly of one Howard Hughes – managed a single flight over the water totaling 70 feet. Pastrana hopes to better that feat in his specially prepared WRX. Should Travis not quite reach his barge target, divers will be standing by to cut his lifeless corpse from the rapidly sinking carcophagus ply him with Red Bulls while awaiting the party boat to pick him up.
The Travis-ty will be carried live on ESPN and ESPN-HD starting at 11PM EST December 31st.
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