Track Tuesday- Name That Track

Welcome to Track Tuesday where you are asked to identify a famous race course from just one closely-cropped aerial image. The only other hint you get is that this track is in…the Western Hemisphere. Good luck!
Image: ©2015 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

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  1. SpiroAgnew76 Avatar

    Irwindale Speedway?

    1. Eric Rood Avatar
      Eric Rood

      That's a hell of a guess. Well done.

      1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
        Peter Tanshanomi

        Clicked your link and discovered this in their parking lot. Karting track?
        <img src=""&gt;

        1. Eric Rood Avatar
          Eric Rood

          Noticed the same thing. Hooniverse probably needs a collective outing to Irwindale for karting and skid-plate racing.

    2. engineerd™ Avatar
  2. dukeisduke Avatar


  3. MrRoadrage Avatar

    Moscow MKAD?

  4. DarthRedford Avatar