Topgear's DeltaWing "race car" is finished

The real DeltaWing racer is making its debut at the 24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend. Called an experimental vehicle, its radical new design is an experiment in race car design – a whole new clean CAD screen approach. I am looking forward to see how this Nissan-power 300hp (turbo 4), 1100lb vehicle will perform this weekend. The team is shooting for lap times of 3:45, which is somewhere between LMP1 and LMP2 .

Topgear’s DeltaWing is homemade homage to the real DeltaWing. It was constructed in typical Topgear fashion: they started off with an old Westfield and its Ford 1.6, utilized Ford Mondeo steel wheels for the rear, Hillman Imp steering rack, Peugeot 207 headlights, Fiat 126 rear deck, Morris 1000 bonnet, Ford space savers for front wheels, and Ford Escort rear axle. The most amazing part – Creator Andy Saunders slapped it together in 337 work hours over 39 days.

Check out all the pictures of the finished vehicle here. The built pictures are here. Few more images of the finished thing after the jump. Topgear said that they are actually bringing their DeltaWing to Le Mans this weekend. No word if it will be going around the track, but wouldn’t it be funny if in the hands of the Stig the damn thing posted some respectable times?

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