This Month In Hoonage: Two-Stroke Roundy Round Goes Horribly Awry

[youtube][/youtube]I know it’s a bit early to call this the Greatest Hoonage Moment Caught On YouTube for May as we’re only halfway through the run of it, but you’ve got to hand it to these kids. True hoonage lies in the innovative ways we apply too much horsepower to all the wrong devices. This time it was a merry-go-round. Next? Maybe one of those springy rocky things from the preschool yard and a steam piston off of an aircraft carrier. [Youtube]

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  1. smokyburnout Avatar

    You know how, on Mythbusters, when they can't replicate the results of a myth (or sometimes even if they do), they ramp up everything involved in the experiment well beyond what can be considered reasonable just to get a spectacular finale for the episode?
    I want to see this done with a real motorcycle, and maybe a helmet or two.

    1. nofrillls Avatar

      I've got to wonder if he started to blackout a bit from the G's. His head goes back and then he's gone. If that were the case, the full-size motorcycle bit, as amusing as it might be, would otherwise be moot.

  2. Andy_Didorosi Avatar

    I believe with a real motorcycle you'd start reaching the limits of either the central bearing dealing with that kind of unbalanced force – or the limit of the attachment point to the ground.
    Those big spinning Apples with the wheel in the middle make me sick. Race cars, sure, no problem. But spinning apples, screw all that.

  3. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

    Hey, at least he had the forethought to save his cigarette!

    1. Joneez Avatar

      "Here, hold my cigarette and watch this!"

  4. gingervitis Avatar

    why couldn't it be the ginger…

  5. Texan_Idiot25 Avatar

    Such perfect music at the end. Oh, greatness. Glorious departure.

  6. seat safety switch Avatar
    seat safety switch

    I think a few years ago some kids in Britain did the same thing with a moped and it made national news for weeks. This, however, is much better. Leave it to the Germans.

  7. Charles_Barrett Avatar

    (They get younger all the time…)
    [youtube xSnLU9nyFSA youtube]

    1. Smells_Homeless Avatar
    1. Charles_Barrett Avatar

      Dead or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
      Goodness, that brings back memories…!

      1. Alff Avatar

        Charles, I know you don't comment there much anymore but Jalop has a story that is begging for some of your classic commentary. It's right up your alley…

  8. muthalovin Avatar

    Needs more BMW S1000RR and fire. Hey, I am not easily entertained.

  9. Lotte Avatar

    And just think that if he'd let off one second sooner the cameraman would have been knocked out, too…

  10. CptSevere Avatar

    OK, that's pretty cool. How about a fullsize merry go round hooked up to a top-fuel funnycar engine? That's what I'd like to see.

  11. Manic_King Avatar

    Where I grew up, we had traveling amusement park visiting my hometown every summer for month or so. Once policemen who's job was to guard this area decided to try fastest carousel on their own, during the night, when they were bored and probably drunk.
    It seems they figured out how to start it, jumped on and were prolly thinking that it will stop after 1 cycle which was couple of minutes…..well, it didn't. Workers arriving in the morning stopped the still spinning machine, cops were dead.

  12. Joneez Avatar

    While watching the slo-mo, I kept hearing the Bionic Man sound. I do that a lot when I watch YouTube and