This Legacy GT has a ****ing Blower Through the Hood

legacy with blower through hood There’s a theory that making a task or process too easy produces a counter-intuitive result of lower quality work. The idea being that when people have to work hard at something they wake up and put more thought into it. Additionally, people spend more time considering whether the task is worth doing in the first place.

I suspect the seller of this car is remarkably mechanically adept, with impressive resources at his disposal. Reading through the various engine and turbo swaps plus miscellaneous modifications to what’s supposedly a very rare specimen would take roughly 57 years in my hands. For him it sounds like a few long weekends. The result of this parade of engine parts? An Eaton M62 blower poking through the hood, pumping into a 2.0L EJ 205 motor. The setup’s good for a whopping 170hp and 170lb-ft, there’s a bigger M90 included for the asking price. Seeing as though the M62 sat atop the Buick 3800 and Mercedes 3.whatever six-cylinders making high-200s HP, I’m surprised he can’t get more out of it.

The blower-through-the-hood level of WTF continues throughout the rest of the build, with a laundry list of mods and and minor issues like flickering DRLs courtesy of a bad parking brake switch. Pretty close to LeMons-grade craftsmanship, using whatever’s available to get the job done. 

Check it out on Craigslist for $6500 or hit the jump for a couple of youtube videos of it in action.

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