Maxi Trac 8 foot awning BK_MTSA2525

This is the cheapest 8-foot car awning for sale right now

I’m always on the lookout for camping, off-road, and overland gear. This awning popped up in a couple of off-road groups.

I have been looking for an awning to put on the Sequoia or the Suburban side to use on camping trips. Leaning towards the Tuff Stuff Overland version because it was at the lower price range. I love a batwing or 270-degree awning from GTFOverland or Kinsmen Hardware. Unfortunately, those are not currently in the budget.

This 8-foot awning from Maxi Trac is from Napa Auto Parts and can be at my local store in a day. The UPF sun rating is 50+. The awning also has side support rails and is made from 220GSM ripstop polyester material. The listing says waterproof and weather-resistant. But how weather-resistant can an awning be? Awning poles are anodized alloy, and the awning has cast alloy knuckle hinges. The entire awning is an 8-foot by 8-foot square. The ends of the awning have support ropes that can stake down the awning end. That’s not bad for $99.99 and local pick up.

Maxi Trac 8 foot awning BK_MTSA2525


Here’s an install video. We at Hooniverse would definitely recommend some better safety precautions for installing the awning!

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2 responses to “This is the cheapest 8-foot car awning for sale right now”

  1. nanoop Avatar

    How do these things fare when loading/unloading the car, ie. when three people mount the back of the car and lower the rear axle by a cm – will the buffeting kill your sleep? Wouldn’t it be smart to anchor the poles to the car body? I think I have seen that, ugly solution when driving but perfect when using the car as a cabin.

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