This Is My Dream Car: MTM BiMoto Audi TT

Unassuming at first...
Unassuming at first…

[Editor’s Note: Our beloved Jo Schmo sent this piece in, in the hopes of earning himself gainful employment with us. Little did he know, we here at Hooniverse all work primarily because we get beaten if we don’t. Trust us, you don’t wanna see Braff when he’s got his leather mask and chaps on.]
What would I buy if I won the Lotto?  Surprisingly, I probably wouldn’t buy anything brand new. I would definitely have a sizeable stable of Hoonerific vehicles and project cars. I’d also have a 15-car garage/shop with detached 4 bedroom bungalow; I need a place to store my family after all. I’m sure I’d probably even have a couple acre “parts farm” out back. The list of what I would want to acquire is way too long to go into detail here, but cars that would qualify as a must purchase? NOW we’re talking about a list much more manageable.

Oh, maybe she comes with the car to shift the second gearbox.
Oh, maybe she comes with the car to shift the second gearbox.

I present to you the MTM Bimoto Audi TT.  This is not a factory produced car but that’s not important now.  What is important is the fact that this car has not one but two turbocharged, 1.8 Liter engines on-board.
Yep, you read right.  What kind of guano-demented kind of person would want to do that, you ask?  Well, just a guy that gets up in the morning and puts his pants on one leg at a time.  But the difference between him and us is that after those pants are zipped up, he sets some serious records.
393km/h to be exact.  That’s about 244 mph for the benefit of everyone here (other than Deartháir.)
Roland Mayer is his name.  Mad scientisting is his game.  That’s right, this guy woke up one day and thought to himself “what could be more awesome than a TT with one engine?  Two engines! Of course!”  This, I’m sure was followed by repeated facepalming.
Ultimately, his dream was realized by the MTM Development team. And in only 50 hours!
And that's only half the fun!
And that's only half the fun!

What does it take to add a second engine to an already small car?  A sizeable shoehorn I would imagine.  Oh, and two of everything.  Each engine has its own transmission and driven axle.  Each engine also has its own air, water, fuel and oil management systems, effectively making the engines operate independently of each other.  How twin transmissions are simultaneously shifted is unclear as the source material appears to be translated from German and is somewhat vague “To make power shifts possible double-clutches-transmissions will be obstructed in the new future.  The engines in the rear and in front move independently. The power comes from the street which is the connecting part between the two engines.”
We shall just pretend that it’s all connected together in a giant magical cloud, just like the internet.
So what is this Franken-TT capable of?  With each engine producing close to 400 hp, you are looking at mid-3 second zero to sixty runs.  Not too shabby at all.  And as I mentioned before, this car set a record at the Papenburg Test Track in Germany, topping out at 244 mph.
The BiMoto TT in its most recent livery.
The BiMoto TT in its most recent livery.

Yeah, you would need ginormous brass cajones to get a “real” super car to ludicrous speed, let alone turning a TT to plaid.
Of course, what super car would be complete without all your standard high performance parts?  No skimping here.  19″ MTM Forged Wheels made in house, giant 15″ Brembro Discs w/8-Piston Calipers and a bunch of suspension goodies round out the package.
Is it worth the estimated 600,000 Euros its creator has tagged it with?  Hell yes.  And should I ever win the lotto, rest assured that I will go out of my way to put this little guy in my garage.  Right after I make out my will, because I’m sure it will end up as tree bling within the first 15 minutes.


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  1. Jo_Schmo Avatar

    The beatings shall continue until morale improves? Nothing new to me, I just want to be let out of the dungeon once in awhile.

  2. Maymar Avatar

    I like your thinking, Mr. Schmo. I'd track down a Twinstar Eldorado though, and get my racing suit in Herb Tarlek plaid.
    <img src="; /img>

    1. Deartháir Avatar

      I suddenly need a Herb-Tarlek-plaid racing suit…

    2. Alff Avatar

      Good luck finding a white belt to match your driving shoes.

    3. CptSevere Avatar

      Holy Jesus, that can't be real. Too sick to be true.

      1. StrollingPlayer Avatar

        Yeah, they even featured this in Car and Driver or one of them rags a number of years back.

  3. Jo_Schmo Avatar

    AWESOME! Any idea what it's vitals are?

    1. Maymar Avatar

      Pretty straightforward – a Northstar V8 at either end, so 600hp, 1/4 mile in the 12-second range. I suppose if that's not enough (because I'll be dammed if I get shut down by some Catera, even with a V badge on the back), Mosler could try using the supercharged unit out of an STS-V.

  4. engineerd Avatar

    If a young punk who wouldn't know a Citroen from a Kei truck asks me why I like Hooniverse, I will just show him this.
    Well done, Jo Schmo. That is an awesome find and that Tube of You video has been favorited.

    1. Jo_Schmo Avatar

      Thank you Mr. ‘Neerd, your comment is very much appreciated

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  6. CptSevere Avatar

    Well done, and I wanna see more. You're mental, and I like that.

  7. Tomsk Avatar

    Great write up on a seriously sick car, Mr. Schmo.
    Personally, I find this to be the ultimate twin-engine monster:
    <img src="; width="616" height="464" /img>

  8. navigationssysteme Avatar

    Audis are my favourite cars.

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