This Is How You Use A Garage: Lola Edition

Fellow Hoons, take note: THIS is how you use your garage. More info and a link to some more great images below. BeeOneOneOh is a site dedicated to all things Datsun 1200/B110 in the ANZAC area. First of all, they get respect for loving tiny old Datsuns, and secondly for the great photography. Apparently, the site’s main dude lives smack dab in the middle of a historic open-wheel racing enthusiast community, because this ’68 Lola T142 F5000 you see here is one of several vintage racers in his neighborhood. You’ll noticed it’s parked next to a mint Sunbeam Tiger (Alpine? Can you tell without popping the hood?) wearing a mean set of shoes. Take a look at BeeOneOneOh site for more pictures of the Lola.

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