This custom vintage Airstream is the office of my dreams

Throughout the almost twenty years of my professional career I had an office in either downtown Boston or New York City. I had one suburban job, twenty miles outside the city and I hated my commute and the fact that the nearest Starbucks was a 15 minute drive away. But ya know what? I’m getting tired of the city. I no longer wish to be in the middle of everything, see everyone. I’m tired of the scheduled routines, surprise meetings, and all the people I have to see. I think I need a change.

Early this morning while googling a proper way of mounting the Eero WiFi access point, of all things, I came upon this article about a custom-made vintage Airstream trailer. I immediately concluded that this is what I need in life. I’ll happily keep my office, the house I am renovating, and my close proximity to the nearest Starbucks. As long as I get to use this at least once a month.


It turns out that I’m not the only one with such idea. The whole premise behind this custom Airstream was an office away from everything. Granted, the person who commissioned this is a tech entrepreneur and not an engineer who made was way into management and a part-time blooger blogger, but the only difference between us is the amount of digits on our paycheck.

What is it?

The single-axle Airstream Bambi II from the 1960s is easily towed by an average-size SUV. The interior is fully custom, with a small dining area on one end an a height-adjustable desk that converts into a bed on the other. In between are the sink, the fridge, and a lot of storage area. The article does not mention anything about a toilet, so I’m assuming one needs to use the great outdoors for that, if there isn’t anything hidden in the cabinets.

There are multiple power sources: solar panels, gasoline, propane, and batteries. And it can run off typical grid power, too. Latest communications connections and gadgets are also included. Missing is a television and I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing. I don’t think I would need anything else.

I was asking myself what kind of vehicle I would choose to pull this marvelous trailer with. My first thought was a loaded new Ford Raptor. Then the Range Rover diesel seemed like a reasonable choice – both are super comfortable, easily capable of towing this baby trailer over long distances and down dirt roads and easy trails, and both can hold my mountain bike. But then I realized that an Icon4x4 FJ would work, too.

Okay, done dreaming. Time to start this day by getting some Starbucks and heading into the office…

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6 responses to “This custom vintage Airstream is the office of my dreams”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    Airstream Bambis are in such high demand that there are rumors of crafty devils cutting down an International or an Overlander to make a Bambi.

  2. mdharrell Avatar

    “The single-axle Airstream Bambi II from the 1960s is easily towed by an average-size SUV.”

    Yes, but there are better options.

    1. Vairship Avatar

      That looks fine. These people are a little optimistic tough, even wit the additional donkey engine:×0-c-default.jpg

  3. Zentropy Avatar


  4. Victor Avatar

    What a fine renovation , many hours and much money but what a stunner .

  5. njhoon Avatar

    I don’t understand these not having a bathroom. If you are going to use it as an office that sits in your driveway/Backyard ok. The ones that are totally redone as a camper without a bathroom? Why?