The WTF Files: Excuse Me, Sir… Edition

This morning, Goldcrest Motorsport of Kennesaw, GA posted this photo. Yep, it’s exactly what you think it is. A member of the team, who goes by the name Blake, was caught waking the neighbors during an early morning test in the team’s #73 Porsche Cayman Pirelli World Challenge GTS category car. There are going to be 100 cars lining up at the season opening Circuit of the Americas round next month, so the team needs to get in as much seat time as they can to make sure they’re competitive.
The car is usually driven by Jack Baldwin, but for this quick run, they used a non-standard driver, and were on a non-standard circuit. It’s safe to say that they weren’t just popping down to the store to pick up some milk, bread, and eggs. Here’s hoping the team’s Cayman didn’t get the impound just before the season opener.
This kind of thing happens more often than you would think. I used to live down in the Atlanta area, and there is a team just down the way a piece from Road Atlanta that has been known to drive their race cars from the shop to the track on a section of public road. Highly illegal, but who’s counting?
[Source: Goldcrest Motorsports on Facebook]

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  1. Fred Avatar

    There is a video of Capena driving their newly restored 917 thru town.

  2. Alff Avatar

    In my formative years Darrell Waltrip's team owner lived in the estate adjacent to our subdivision, He would occaisionally thrill the kids and offend the mothers of our very middle class neighborhood by taking one of the stockers out for a cruise. I thought he was the coolest guy in the world. My parents didn't – I got my first ticket (operating without a license) at 12 years old, driving his dune buggy around the block with his permission.

  3. GregKachadurian Avatar

    I live in Kennesaw! I feel sad that this probably happened a few miles away from me and I didn't know about it until now.

  4. nanoop Avatar

    I don't find an image, but I had a vintage racing themed calendar that had a few pictures of the villages around Lemans in the 50ies during the race week… Insane.

  5. Batshitbox Avatar

    Links or it didn't happen.

  6. Coastielenn Avatar

    I’ve never really understood the illegality of having a race car on the street. Sure, the tires are usually smooth and some lack lighting- but in reality, by design and engineering, they’re likely far safer than even the safest rated car on the road (in both crash standards and maneuverability standards) and are most likely being piloted by someone that’s far more capable of car control than the person that’s in the next lane over.

  7. marmer Avatar

    The one time I’ve seen anything like this it was a restored Audi Ur-Quattro rally car and the guy was giving rides at a club meet. The cop was really cool about it and just told him to take it easy. (In fact, what he said when he saw the cage and harnesses was “Oh, it’s a race car. Cool!”) No ticket. I’d like to think that’s what happening here.

  8. Vairship Avatar

    Jan de Rooy once got a ticket for speeding and out-running the police Porsches in (IIRC) the Daf Turbo Twin…

  9. jayp2112 Avatar

    Before the gas station was built at the entrance of MSR the drivers would get pulled over heading up the street to fill up because they didn’t have front plates… the tow eye is behind the plate on the Elise.
    These days the sheriff’s deputy cruises the pits to check out he cool cars.

  10. jayp2112 Avatar

    Maybe the car doesn’t have a tax sticker or have a safety inspection?
    In the day, my MG was prepped for DSP autox and the cops had no problem with the slicks or lack of emission controls as long as I had the tax sticker.