The Weirdness Overcomes You: 1969 Citroen DS Wagon

ds wagon for saleCitroen. Aside from an unfortunate English translation associating it with an idiomatic expression for a fault-laden automobile, the name is synonymous with different. They went front wheel drive when no one else did. While others rocked good ‘ol springs and shocks, in very un-French fashion decided that passivism was no the way to approach suspension design. While we’re at it, how many spokes does a steering wheel really need, anyway? Like Lady Gaga, this wagon calls to you with its mix of mild attractiveness and total batshit insanity. ds wagon for saleHonestly, we’re surprised Citroen even uses normal threaded hex headed bolts to hold this thing together. We’re certain a seven-sided bolt was proposed, only to be non-ed by cost concerns.

ds wagon for saleds wagon for sale

Friday rants aside, you could be the proud (?) owner of this ’69 DS21, should you furnish the necessary funds to meet the reserve. As of right now, we know that’s more than $3500. Our one-owner example’s being sold by his survivors, and has been in storage since 1985. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t run and the exhaust was accidentally removed while they loaded it on the trailer with the suspension completely lowered.

ds wagon for sale Looking the detail shots, it really does appear to be in great original “survivor” condition. We really dig that weird rear window shade/tinting. Head on over to eBay Motors and bask in the absurdity.

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