The Scubaru Lives – We've Got Video

Last week, we posted a few photos and a translated tale of a Finnish guy reviving a 1996 Subaru Legacy that had slept for three months in the bottom of a Finnish lake. After the necessary maintenance steps (like letting out a non-insignificant amount of water from both the engine and the fuel tank), they got it running on the first try.

Not to rely only on the photos of the Legacy (dubbed SCUBARU by the offroad forumites) being fished out of the lake, the guy fixing the car has also provided a follow-up video of the car running, “In case there’s any doubt.” Make the jump to see it.

[youtube width=”720″ height=”430″][/youtube]

While one could make a case that the video quality could also be scuba gear rate at first, the vid shows the car’s still in rude health.
“3 months underwater and it’s hardly worse for wear!”
, as the description says. There’s still something to do with a stuck injector, but man, the thing runs like a champ.

The Offipalsta forum also deserves a tip of the hat and a thumbs-up; with the Legacy receiving tons of international fame due to making it onto countless automotive websites during the rest of the week, they’ve maintained an amazed but cool attitude.
“We should probably eBay the Internationally Famous SCUBARU by now.”

[Source: Offipalsta / YouTube]

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