The Schmo's go to the UVU Auto Expo

You know it’s summer time when you get a sunburn looking at cool cars and you just don’t care.

One of the few Japanese cars in attendance

Saturday, the Utah Valley University Auto Expo was held at Thanksgiving Point and Family Schmo was there.  This time, both Bubba and Pockets Schmo were with me (as well as their aunt) so you Hoons get 4 different points of view.  BTW I need to get some decent but inexpensive digital cameras for each of the boys so we don’t spend more time fighting for camera time than actually looking at cars.  Any suggestions?

There was so much chrome at the show it was a challenge to not photograph myself

This is a seriously badass wagon!

PPOV (Pockets Point of View)


Kirkham Motorsports, previously featured on Hooniverse.

Fairly sure this is the same Se7en I saw at Miller Motosports Park a few weeks back.


The rest of the photos are courtesy of Nellie, the boys aunt.  She has a real knack for taking great photos!

Words: There are none. Definately one of my favorites

Get off my lawn!

 And in case you were wondering, the lead-in photo with the chrome mega-bumper is the same behemoth seen at Autorama earlier this year.


And if you missed it, Friend of Hooniverse Mike_the_Dog also spent some quality time looking at beautiful cars this past weekend.

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  1. P161911 Avatar

    Check ebay for cheap used digital cameras. I would imagine the no frills 5MP models are going pretty cheap, especially if it is last years or two years ago model. I just checked, the model I have Sony ,DSC-W1, seems to be going for less than $40. Advantages: AA batteries (can use rechargeable NiMH or short lived alkaline), mine is still going after 5 years, takes pretty good pictures. Disadvantages: AA batteries, requires Sony Memory Stick.
    I'm still working on downloading/uploading to the web my pictures from Saturday's CCCA Grand National Show at Stone Mountain. About 30-40 museum quality, 1920s-1940s Packards, Pierce-Arrows, Cadillacs, Lincolns, Auburns, Cords, and Rolls-Royces, etc. Including a Cadillac V-16, an Auburn 851 supercharged Boat-tailed Speedster, and a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost. If you are into that kind of thing.

    1. Jo_Schmo Avatar

      Ebay! *facepalm* Heh, I haven't been over there in quite awhile. I would prefer a a couple pocket cameras like I have that use sd cards and just recharge with a wall plug. I guess I will head over and check it out.
      And YES! We are into that kind of thing!

      1. Manic_King Avatar

        Then You shoud check out Canon's Digital Elph (Ixus) cameras, small, light and taking nice pictures, or Panasonic Lumix LX something (not sure about their card type tho) or Pentax.

      2. Mike_the_Dog Avatar

        I see a lot of formerly high-end point-and-shoots on Craigslist for fairly cheap, too. If in your searches, you come across a formerly high-end DSLR package (around here, they're several hundred dollars, but in other locales, I've seen them way cheap), do me a favor and e-mail me some links. I'll hook you up if I end up buying one of them. You can also go the "Barbie-Cam" route and get a super-cheap fixed focus in one or two megapixels for $5 or so, but those things take really crappy pictures.

  2. engineerd Avatar

    I love the kid's points of view! I'm sure being on camera duty also helps them stay entertained.
    Nice job, JoSchmo! I haven't yet made it to a car show, but as I said on the post about MtD's adventures in Ypsi I plan on going to the little cruise in at my church tomorrow night. It'll be interesting to see what shows up!

    1. Jo_Schmo Avatar

      Thanks! Unfortunately this batch turned out with a bunch of pictures of grass and feet and fingers but there were a few gems in there.

      1. engineerd Avatar

        Did they get permission to use the SingoFinger?

  3. Ambersand Avatar

    AWESOME photos! And that Se7en looks the same. I just pulled up my closeup photo from MMP. Love the lead in picture. Absolutely adorable … and again, we all need a kids point of view, it's amazing what we don't remember seeing at that age!

  4. Tyler D. Avatar

    Schmo, I picked up a Sony Webbie for around $120 a year or so ago. It makes a good 5mp camera, but it really is a great 1080p camcorder.

  5. CaptainZeroCool Avatar

    Schmo, I picked up a Sony Webbie for around $120 a year or so ago. It makes a good 5mp camera, but it really is a great 1080p camcorder.

  6. Black Steelies Avatar

    I got an Olympus point and shoot fe-4000 for Christmas this year. I really don't like it, takes fuzzy pics despite a claimed dozen megapixels. Idk if anyone else has had any crappy experiences with these but I'm just sayin' I have.
    I'm thinkin' I'll just get a nice DSLR.

  7. rovingardener Avatar

    There were a bunch of Studebaker's but I didn't bring my camera. D'Oh!

  8. longrooffan Avatar

    JoSchmo: Just the fact you are introducing your youngsters to this fascination we all have with things automotive is extremely admirable and it is super cool you provide us with their insight to these shows. Thanks for sharing.

  9. P161911 Avatar

    Great shots.
    There was a blower Bentley at The Mitty. It was roped off on display in the pit area with Brian Johnson's cars.