The Schmo's go to the UVU Auto Expo

You know it’s summer time when you get a sunburn looking at cool cars and you just don’t care.

One of the few Japanese cars in attendance
Saturday, the Utah Valley University Auto Expo was held at Thanksgiving Point and Family Schmo was there.  This time, both Bubba and Pockets Schmo were with me (as well as their aunt) so you Hoons get 4 different points of view.  BTW I need to get some decent but inexpensive digital cameras for each of the boys so we don’t spend more time fighting for camera time than actually looking at cars.  Any suggestions?

There was so much chrome at the show it was a challenge to not photograph myself
This is a seriously badass wagon!
PPOV (Pockets Point of View)
Kirkham Motorsports, previously featured on Hooniverse.

Fairly sure this is the same Se7en I saw at Miller Motosports Park a few weeks back.

The rest of the photos are courtesy of Nellie, the boys aunt.  She has a real knack for taking great photos!
Words: There are none. Definately one of my favorites
Get off my lawn!

 And in case you were wondering, the lead-in photo with the chrome mega-bumper is the same behemoth seen at Autorama earlier this year.


And if you missed it, Friend of Hooniverse Mike_the_Dog also spent some quality time looking at beautiful cars this past weekend.

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