The Rustman Cometh: 1973 BMW 3.0 CS is an Automotive Siren

1973 BMW e9 3.0cs for sale1973 BMW e9 3.0cs for sale The seller describes this ’73 e9 BMW as “Unbelievable”. The pictures don’t lie, it’s the “Needs a paint job” claim that makes us wary. It does, indeed need a paint-job, in addition to several thousand dollars worth of body work. e9 BMWs (2800s, 3.0CSs and CSLs) are Teutonic Sirens: gorgeous to look at, relatively simple mechanics, but apparently not designed to persist in an oxygen-rich environment without rusting to smithereens. The currently hilariously low (no reserve) price only adds to the siren-ness… 1973 BMW e9 3.0cs for sale1973 BMW e9 3.0cs for sale That said, the low purchase price, generally dubious condition, and pre-smog title leave the door open for a slew of upgrades. We’d take it down to metal and only add back what we really needed; things like a fuel-injected stroker M30, 5 speed transmission and a good set of Recaros. And just for kicks we’d patch the rust but never repaint it. For those with their tetanus shots up to date, it’s on eBay motors at $1625 with no reserve.

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