The Power of Dreams…and Smoke Machines: Third Gen Accord Limos

Carriage top AND pop-up headlights? Where do I sign?!
Have you ever been traveling in a limo, be it for prom, a wedding, or a totally XX-rated bachelor party trip to the airport and concluded that your stretched automobile riding experience would be much, much more pleasurable if the vehicle was smaller, less flashy, less luxurious, comically underpowered and Japanese? Well, apparently Jules Kaplan did sometime in the mid ‘80s, and he decided to take action.
Look at all the room for the kids, honey! Honey? Why are you walking away?
You see, Mr. Kaplan was (is?) the proprietor of Marquis Custom Coach, located in the San Fernando Valley hamlet of Canoga Park, California. After stretching a Honda at a customer’s behest in 1981, Kaplan decided to direct a portion of the company’s energy into building some of these embiggened (to the tune of 52-inches) third generation Accord sedans, most of which went to dealers, including Beverly Hills Honda. Not surprisingly, the idea of a limo based on a sensible, front-drive Japanese family sedan never really caught on over here. Fortunately, a few of Marquis’ extended Accords survive, which is great for cheapskates who want to get into the livery business, since some of the conversions were based on 5-speed models, purportedly returned around 25 mpg, and were just short enough to fit in many standard residential garages (227″ bow to stern). If nothing else, you’d get a metric crapload of business from the ironic hipster set…which would cause your wife to leave you and your friends to speak about you in hushed tones. Perhaps these babies are best suited to being admired from afar. (Boca Raton News via Rusty But Trusty)

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