The Perfect Truck – $1800

1965 ford f250 4x4
The 67-72 Chevies are pretty trucks, and the K5s from that era are on my “must own” list, but it cannot be denied that a two-tone ’61-66 Ford is better looking. Not only does this ’65 F250 sport a perfectly patina-ed white-over-blue two-tone, it’s got a parts list to die for: 390ci, 4-speed stick and 4 wheel drive. This is the 3/4 ton example, meaning it’s got heavy-duty leaf springs perched atop 8-lug Dana 60 rear and Dana 44 front axles, no doubt stuffed with hilariously low gears.

It needs a few things to be drivable. Minor stuff like a new windshield, a brake bleed, re-connecting the steering column and finishing up bolting down that 3″ body lift (we’d just take that out). The minor to-do list combines with it’s middle-of-the-wastelands location to actually make it better. Having to work to conquer it will will make you love it that much more; just like your pet wolf that first tried to kill you in the middle of the forest.
Oh, and it’s a friggin’ steal at $1800. eBay Motors

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  1. joshuman Avatar

    While searching for my second car at the age of 17 I nearly purchased a K5 Blazer with a winch. Instead, I got a Mk II Jetta and my life went an entirely different, but good, direction. I still want a K5.

    1. Tim Odell Avatar
      Tim Odell

      When searching for cars after my 1985 4Runner was stolen, I almost bought an El Camino. Instead, I got another 4Runner ('87, this time). My life stayed on the same, but admittedly good, direction. I still want and El Camino.

      1. Smells_Homeless Avatar

        While searching for a CJ-5 that wasn't rusted to pieces, I found a 78 ElCo with a 4-speed. I don't resent never having a Jeep, but man I miss my ElCaminos. (That didn't help, did it?)
        I started buying new cars 10 years later. Life is good. Expensive, but good.

        1. Tim Odell Avatar
          Tim Odell

          One of these days I'll own a truck-car.
          Sort of a toss-up between Ranchero like mine and a 65-67 ElCo. That mid-60s chebby midsize style does bad bad things to me.

          1. Smells_Homeless Avatar

            It's a worthwhile chase. They're easy to work on, they're relatively light so easy to make stupid fast, they have decent driving dynamics (for a mid-sized American car) and you can see out of them. The downsides include such problems as riding on the stops with a Harley on board and implied mullitude. That said, with tax refund time upon us, I'm looking for a Home Depot runner, and another ElCamino is on the list. We'll see what happens.

          2. P161911 Avatar

            I got the truck-car thing out of my system a couple of years ago. I traded a 88 BMW 750iL for a 79 Ranchero, ultra-Malaise. It was a fun vehicle, but I needed more of a work truck.

    2. P161911 Avatar

      I got a K5 Blazer during my sophomore year in college. I was a co-op student and moved every quarter, I needed something bigger than my 77 Vette to haul all my stuff. Grandma helped out with the second needed vehicle. Even though I was born and raised in Georgia for most of the time in high school I was more preppy (looking back that is only relatively speaking) than anything. The Blazer really brought out my inner redneck and brought me back to my redneck roots. I'm currently without a full size 4X4 and missing it.

  2. superbadd75 Avatar

    Take out the body lift? That thing looks just about right at that altitude! Not to mention the bed sides still aren't as high as the damn F-150s on dealer lots now.

    1. SSurfer321 Avatar

      I appreciate my high bedsides, thank you very much. All the better to haul stuff with.


    Why I sat back down at the computer without my glasses? I dunno, but at first I didn't think that said "Truck". And I thought that was just one panoramic picture of one of Shatner's Blue chicks doing the splits. And I thought I was back on redtube. Simple mistake, who wouldn't think banging a blue chick would be perfect? Then I saw the price, and realized that $1800 wasn't very reasonable. Then I clicked over and saw an awesome truck!

  4. FordTempoFan Avatar

    I've got a '54 F-300. Flat black, dually, four speed manual, with (get this) and inline-six. Straight six dually flat bed? Oh yes. Its currently 5,000 miles away in storage but next fall I'll be trailering it all the way, coast-to-coast behind a '99 F-150 (with a 4.6 eight and a 5spd stick).

    1. P161911 Avatar

      I think this one needs a straight six too.

    2. CptSevere Avatar

      You, sir understand a decent Ford truck. I of course have Henrietta, my '66 F100. She's the most dependable, rugged, versatile and basically the best vehicle I've ever owned. I built the 240 six in that truck from a short block, installed the clutch, rebuilt the kingpins, installed new rear end seals (I have to put new ones in again, soon), and have performed carburetor surgery and distributor miracles. That truck has performed well for me for over ten years. It has outclimbed four wheel drives (it has three on the tree, mind you), been everywhere from Montana to Mexico, survived being hit and run by a nineties Chevy truck (which totaled itself), and has been used by me daily to haul tons of hay to feed cows and jackasses, which means negotiating rough-ass dirt roads which would scare the hell out of most suburban dweller's four wheel drives. My F100, Henrietta Ford, is one hell of a good truck, and I would be proud to have this Ford, as well.

  5. Smoke_Banshee Avatar

    That'll get ya to the fishin' hole in style.

  6. SVT2888 Avatar

    Reminds me of the F series that was at my first job as an air conditioner installer. It also has a 390, 4 speed, and manual steering. Though this one has a flatbed. I believe it is a 1969 model.
    Inside that old warehouse there's also a 1969 Cadillac Brougham, a 1966 Chrysler Imperial, and a 1968 Plymouth Fury VIP. *the years of the Plymouth and Chrysler maybe flipped I don't remember exactly* These last 3 have been sitting inside there since 1984 and even have Los Angeles Olympics plates!

  7. littleYodaPickup Avatar

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Now THAT's a truck! Seats come pre-ripped so you can safely forget that flathead screwdriver in your back pocket. Too bad this beaut is all the way in California, I'd go a long way but I can't take enough time off work to go completely cross-country. =+P

  8. Sparky_Pete Avatar

    I would leave mostly as is, reassemble, buff out the old enamel paint a bit and drive the snot out of it. This truck is badass….

  9. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    Dad picked himself up one of these as a project, I hope to talk him out of it…

  10. Froggmann Avatar

    A buddy of mine tried to kill me in one of these once, a '64 model. I'd still own one though. You wouldn't believe what he WAS able to kill in that thing.

  11. Mad_Science Sr. Avatar
    Mad_Science Sr.

    Maybe I could convince Mom that this is the perfect replacement for the Tahoe. It can tow the boat, haul rocks on our property, and she would look great driving it.
    Maybe if you agreed to do a posting about Mom_Science being the best in the world, she would go for it?

  12. muthalovin Avatar

    Mileage: 988,998 miles
    BALLS! Is that right? It sounds right. Built Ford tough.