The Perfect Truck – $1800

1965 ford f250 4x4 The 67-72 Chevies are pretty trucks, and the K5s from that era are on my “must own” list, but it cannot be denied that a two-tone ’61-66 Ford is better looking. Not only does this ’65 F250 sport a perfectly patina-ed white-over-blue two-tone, it’s got a parts list to die for: 390ci, 4-speed stick and 4 wheel drive. This is the 3/4 ton example, meaning it’s got heavy-duty leaf springs perched atop 8-lug Dana 60 rear and Dana 44 front axles, no doubt stuffed with hilariously low gears. It needs a few things to be drivable. Minor stuff like a new windshield, a brake bleed, re-connecting the steering column and finishing up bolting down that 3″ body lift (we’d just take that out). The minor to-do list combines with it’s middle-of-the-wastelands location to actually make it better. Having to work to conquer it will will make you love it that much more; just like your pet wolf that first tried to kill you in the middle of the forest. Oh, and it’s a friggin’ steal at $1800. eBay Motors

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