The Perfect Shop Truck

With just the right amount of patina. The seller assures us that is not "rust".
We have a bit of a weakness here for forward-control or cab-over pickups. The Corvair, Dodge and Econoline cab-overs are fantastic, and I’ve always had a soft spot for the Volkswagen Transporter pickups, even though they’re not exactly forward control anymore. But they used to be! That counts, right?
Joking aside, it really does look pretty awesome.
This little beastie, however, might just take the cake. All the awesomeness and frightening prospects of survival in a crash that come standard with a forward-control pickup, with a heavier cargo capability to crush you down to a chunky salsa for extra utility and the stronger, sturdier Jeep construction. That, and it’s a no-rust good-condition survivor. Remember what they say, it can only be “all original” once! So with a little tidying up, I’m sure you could sell this at Barrett-Jackson for, oh, $200,000. Or, better yet, just use it for hauling engine blocks around as you work on your latest project.
A good wash and a bit of polishing compound, I'm sure it'll all be just fine.

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