The PEEL, world's smallest car, now available new

Originally made on the Island of Man Isle of Mann (Ed. Note – fixed. Damn, we though they were churning these out at the Charles Barrett compound) in the 1960s, PEEL cars were available in four different flavors. They retailed for £199, with the P50, recently made famous by Top Gear, holding the Guinness Book of Records as the World’s Smallest Production Car. Recently, several businessmen thought it would be a good idea to reinvest into the company and start up the production of the iconic (?) cars again. Peel Engineering is now taking orders on the limited production of the P50 and Trident. In addition to the conventional gasoline engines, the new PEELs will be available with electronic motors with regenerative braking, and assumingly, a plug. The spec sheet also calls out disc brakes, which I doubt were available on the original PEEL. The most astonishing thing however, is that the PEELs are road legal in the U.K. and all of European Union. Price start at £6995, which is about $10,772. Which powertrain you get for that money is unspecified. Also unspecified are the options. If you really want one, you can place a £999 deposit for one of the fifty cars to be made. This is going to be interesting to watch. I have a feeling that there will be a few follow up posts for these renewed PEELs.  

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