The Parking Lot at Infineon Raceway for IndyCar Testing

This entrance shot is definitely a good sign of things to come.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all car event parking lots are sure to contain tons of Hoontastic rides.”

Last weekend, Infineon Raceway/Sears Point Raceway hosted IndyCar testing.  A handful of teams and drivers participated, most notably Formula One Iron Man Rubens Barrichello. Pictures of the race cars and a wrap-up of Barrichello’s answers at a very public press conference will be covered in a separate post.  This post will focus, for the most part, on the spectators’ cars.

Sunny California Day + Car Event = Triumph Stag + NSX + 1960s Mustang
The Stag, incidentally, is for sale. 
A fleet of Audis for the Audi Sportscar Experience
You can flog these Mitsubishis too. 
Who knew there was a road-going version of the TDI Cup car?
Note the personalized plate. 
This F-350 fire rig reminds me of another F-350 fire rig.  
This 1986-ish E32 with BBS wheels is still looking sharp, apart from the mal-aligned fuel door. 
Apologies are in order as this photo fails to capture the presence of this Zed. 
Purists may not dig the plastic headlight covers, but this is a very clean 280ZX. 
This Trans Am was the biggest surprise in the lot, and perhaps my favorite.  The second biggest surprise– there were at least three Crossfires there. 
The juxtaposition of the brand new Bentley coupe and the Dakota Sport pickup says it all about car lovers. 
Something for everyone. 
 That Bentley engine was emitting some serious BTUs.  It created its own micro-climate in the parking lot. 

Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Jim Yu

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