The Orlando Tuner and Tunes Show

This olelongrooffan taught another continuing construction course down in MickeyMouseLand on Sunday and while I was there I attended the Tuner and Tunes show out at the Orange County Fairgrounds.And, while I generally prefer classics vs. tuners, I do respect the talent these folks put into their preference of all things automotive.
Know that every third vehicle has their tunes cranked and the bass just about blew the roof off those exhibition pavillions.

There was a huge variety of tuners plus a couple old school hot rods as well as the Chip Foose tuned Challenger from the 2006 SEMA show.
Although it was a bit loud for this olelongrooffan’s ears, it was fun. More images are available here.

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  1. CptSevere Avatar

    Just looked at the gallery. That much billet and garish paint this early in the morning will definitely wake you up. I was wondering why there were no Lambo doors, and about halfway down, yep, there they were. Attending this event and taking all those pictures on our behalf was going beyond the call of duty. You fully deserve to attend, let's say, a vintage road race next weekend to compensate.

  2. soo΄pәr-bādd75 Avatar

    That Challenger sucks. I'm not much of a Foose fan, his cars all pretty much look the same to me. Lowered over huge billet wheels, shaved with a 2 tone paint job. Wow, Chip, I've never seen anything like that before! Blah.

  3. B72 Avatar

    Those lug nuts remind me of something on Speed Racer!