The News for August 13th, 2021

Welcome to the Hooniverse News! As always, this is a weekly recap of the biggest stories in the automotive industry without the fluff or bull. This week: Acura NSX Type S is the proper sendoff for a great car, Acura is bringing back the Integra and this is absolutely not a joke, Lamborghini is making another Countach for some reason, Radford is coming back with a stunning Lotus throwback, Aston Martin took the roof off the Valkyrie, Chevrolet COPO Camaro is a proper big-block drag car, plus your news for the week.

Acura NSX Type S

2022 Acura NSX Type S

As promised after last week’s teaser, Acura stormed into Monterey Car Week with a stunning new variant of the NSX. And it’s the last variant, as well. The NSX Type S is billed as the “quickest, most powerful, and best handling” NSX they’ve produced yet. And it’ll be among the most desirable too because only 350 units are being produced globally. Considering that they’re built in America, we’re getting the bulk of them with only 50 of those going to the NSX’s overseas markets.

As for the car itself, it’s a proper evolution of a car that shattered expectations when it first came on the scene and brought true hybrid supercar performance to the sub half-a-million-dollar market for the first time. The Type S upgrades begin with a 27 horsepower and 16 lb.-ft. Increase, which equals 600 horsepower and 492 lb.-ft. of torque. They used turbochargers shared with the NSX GT3 Evo race car to increase boost pressure by 6% to accomplish that. Its 9-speed DCT has been retuned to keep up and features 60% faster upshift response and a new “Rapid Downshift Mode”. Putting all that power to the ground is a retuned SH-AWD system with torque vectoring. That “SH” literally stands for “Super Handling” and that’s not just marketing hype.

2022 Acura NSX Type S

It rides on brand new forged alloy wheels with a new design increase the car’s track by 0.4 inches front and 0.8 inches rear and new Pirelli P-Zero tires specific to the NSX Type S will help keep the thing more planted. And if you opt for the Lightweight Package, you can get carbon ceramic rotors (plus a bunch of carbon interior trim) which reduces curb weight by nearly 58 pounds.

The car also features a few very noticeable and very beautiful new aero elements. The bodywork up front has a new nose with a nicely integrated carbon splitter plus larger and more angular air intakes. It looks halfway to a GT3 car, and best of all, it’s functional. So is the new rear diffuser which enhances high-speed stability. That diffuser is modeled after the one on the NSX GT3 Evo. All of this combined with the rear deck-lid spoiler, its new stance, and its exclusive Gotham Gray matte metallic finish (other colors are available too) produces a stunning send off for a criminally-underrated car that not enough people bought. Only ~2,800 of them have been sold globally. The Type S’s limited run of 350 units is more than what was sold in 2020 and 2021 combined.

2022 Acura NSX Type S

Prices start at $169,500 – no word on if that includes destination but I’m guessing it doesn’t. That represents an increase in price of a little over $10K. For what you get, that’s not bad at all. If you want the Lightweight Package on top of that, you’re looking at $182,500.

[Source: Acura]

The Acura Integra is coming back


Just as Acura was unveiling the swan song for the NSX, they dropped news regarding the birth of another legendary nameplate. It’s something that the community has been asking about for ages, but it seemed like a pipe dream. Well, it won’t be for much longer. Acura is bringing back the Integra. This is NOT a drill.

The shocking announcement is of course light on details and the car is at least a few months away from any kind of full reveal. But we do know it’ll rejoin the lineup as a compact premium car with some kind of performance mindset. When you think about modern compact performance from the Honda family, the Civic Type R is the first thing that comes to mind. That powertrain in a more refined shell that Acura can provide sounds like a winning combination. But of course that is purely speculation… but it does also make a load of sense.

Regardless, we’ll learn more soon enough.

[Source: Acura]

Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4

Editor’s note: so literally the minute this post went live, Lamborghini went and dropped all details about the Countach. A previous release had indicated it would be shown on Sunday, not Friday. Oh well. This section has been edited with new information.

Well it was a week filled with Radwood-era revivals and it was all kicked off by Lamborghini. Let’s say it was news that, like the Integra, nobody expected. It’s… a Countach.

The news came seemingly out of nowhere. Brands will of course revive old nameplates all the time (see above) but this one is different. It’s the first time Lamborghini has ever done such a thing and they chose their single most legendary car to do it with on the 50-year anniversary of its debut as a concept car. The official announcement came with a handful of close up teaser shots on Instagram. But with the internet being a thing, someone has already leaked it. So Lamborghini went ahead and debuted the whole thing to us today.

It’s a futuristic “few off” supercar with limited numbers and a hybrid powertrain. Lamborghini just unveiled the final all-motor Aventador a few months ago, so from here on out all models will be hybrids or electrics. In a way, that makes this Countach the first of its kind. Except it isn’t. I’ll explain. They won’t flat out admit it, but this is very clearly built on the same Aventador platform that has spawned dozens of other variants and limited-run models. One of those models was the Sián FKP 37, which was the first Lamborghini to employ a hybrid motor. That car uses a familiar 6.5-liter V12 and pairs it with a 48-volt electric motor and supercapacitor hybrid system.

This Countach? Exactly the same. The only thing that differs slightly is its total output: the Countach delivers 769 horsepower while the Sian had 774 horsepower. The Countach has the same 2.8-second 0-60 time and its same 208-mph top speed. It is quite literally a Sian that’s trying to sneak into a Radwood.

Anyways, only 112 are being built and all are probably spoken for already.

[Source: Lamborghini, Instagram]

Radford Type 62-2

Radford 62-2

And now for another classic revival, but one that’s too gorgeous to make fun of, the Lotus 62 race car has been recreated. But not by Lotus. This gorgeous little thing comes to us from Radford, a famous British coachbuilding company that has been revived by some notable names. Formula 1 World Champion Jenson Button, F1 TV presenter Ant Anstead, and designer Mark Stubbs, which has proven to be a winning combination already.

There’s a lot to love here, like its 3.5-liter supercharged V6 shared by the Lotus Emira, Evora, and Exige, plus the six-speed manual or seven-speed DCT that comes with it. And with carbon panels and a riveted aluminum chassis, it will be properly light as well.

Radford 62-2

It promises an unfiltered and engaging driving experience that can be ordered in three variants with different levels of performance. The 430-horsepower “Classic” model is all about pure driving bliss with a manual and less aero, the 500-horsepower “Gold Leaf” model is a step up with DCT, the ducktail spoiler, and center-locking wheels, and the ultimate “JPS” model is a 600 horsepower track weapon with an aero kit, carbon wheels and brakes, and I’m sure a pant-wetting design. Those three letters are synonymous with Lotus and motorsport, so that will be one to watch for.

The Gold Leaf is what is pictured. And I think this is a car where you’d be forgiven for buying just to stare at all day. Maybe. Okay maybe not. But this is hands-down one of the most beautiful cars I’ve laid eyes on in a very long time. And it’s only their first product. Radford should be on everyone’s radar now.

[Source: Radford via Jalopnik]

Aston Martin Valkyrie Roadster

valkyrie spider

Filed under “shit I shouldn’t care about but also kind of like”: the Aston Martin Valkyrie Roadster. It can’t be denied that the Valkyrie has been one of the most ambitious and radical projects undertaken by any automaker in recent years. It has a shape that’s hard to comprehend for a road car and a Cosworth V12 that is literally the stuff of dreams.

But this is literally just the same car we’ve already seen but with a removable roof. That of course means there are fewer bits of carbon between that V12 and the ears of people with 3 yachts and the patent to a life-saving drug. This car is objectively cool and I admire the work of its aero designer, Adrian Newey, and the engineers at Cosworth making that incredible engine, and of course the people at Aston Martin who had the guts to make this thing. I just don’t have much else to say about this car.

[Source: Aston Martin]

Chevrolet COPO Camaro

2022 Chevrolet COPO Camaro rendering

While the other brands were at Pebble Beach showing off their fancy supercars to rich people, Chevrolet was back in Detroit saying fuck it, here’s a big block Camaro.

COPO is of course the Central Office Production Order system which drag racers used to create a true drag racer out of a Camaro in 1969. COPO is synonymous with big block power designed to be unleashed at the strip, and that’s exactly what GM has done once more.

2022 Chevrolet COPO Camaro with a 572-cubic-inch Big-Block V-8

At its heart is a 572 cubic inch big block V8 with enough power that GM isn’t letting that figure slip. It’s a cast iron block with four-bolt main caps, aluminum heads, a forged steel crankshaft, forged steel connecting rods, and forged aluminum pistons. An ATI Racing Products TH400 three-speed automatic transmission sends that power to the Hoosier drag slicks on the rear axle.

GM sells this as a Chevrolet Performance part for $105,500 and cannot be registered for street use. Though I’m sure that won’t stop some people.The COPO name was brought back in 2021 and since then they’ve sold 700 of them. There used to be a little hard to get and were usually limited in numbers, but this one won’t be. Anybody who has the cash for one can get it.

[Source: Chevrolet]

What’s your automotive news?

hooniverse news whats your naws

That’s all I’ve got for you this week, so now it’s your turn. If you saw anything, fixed something, broke everything, or otherwise did anything even remotely car related that you want to share with your fellow hoon, sound off in the comments.

Have a good weekend.

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8 responses to “The News for August 13th, 2021”

  1. OA5599 Avatar

    My son returned from a 3700-mile roadtrip in a body-on-frame station wagon. The trip involved nights sleeping in spare bedrooms or couches of friends and family, nights sleeping in motel rooms, nights sleeping in state and national parks, and nights sleeping in the station wagon in a Walmart parking lot.

    Road repairs included a heater hose that lost about three quarts of coolant, and purging (through judicious application of the right foot) a tank of bad gas that emphasized how much the car didn’t like accommodating driving at 9000 feet of elevation. Fuel economy was dismal by 2021 standards, but pretty respectable for a product of its era, particularly while hauling bicycles and burying the needle of the speedometer. Two quarts of oil consumed.

    And the good part: the car started the trip with two rows of seating but returned home with three.

    1. Smaglik Avatar

      What vehicle specifically is this?

      I got home from my 3200 mile road trip this evening, and while there were similarities (hotels, yes. Friends, yes. Parking lot, no), I was ecstatic that my now 195k mile x3 was trouble free, and got 25 mpg, with about 1000 of the miles cruising at speeds where such mpg is not expected. Arrived home with the same amount of seats, but left with one whiskey bottle, and returned with 8.

      It was an awesome return to the house! One of the smoke detectors was beeping, which my dog *hates*. So, after I tested it, I found him out in the backyard trying to dig a hole in the dirt to get away from it (something he does in times of extreme stress). Then, since the house was clean, I had to bathe him so as not to get mud in the house. All is well now, though.

      1. OA5599 Avatar

        Ford LTD Country Squire. Apparently, when you load one up full of camping gear and then take it on an itinerary of drivable tourist destinations, people feel obliged to make comments about the Griswolds and their Wagon Queen Family Truckster.

  2. Batshitbox Avatar

    Two windshield wipers? Two!?! Pffft! If Volkswagen thinks I’m ever going to call that a Countach they can lick meine sack.

  3. nanoop Avatar

    I saw an acid-yellow BMW 2002 on the road. Given where I am and how often you encounter one of these at all: this is probably the very car that was on my shortlist before I got the 944 – eight years ago.
    It looked much better than then, the wheels were a bit on the gawdy side though.

  4. Salguod Avatar

    That final NSX looks fantastic. I wonder if it would have been more successful if it’d had that aggressive nose instead of the smiling beak it has worn since its debut.

    I’m quite excited about the return of the Integra. Nice to see that small cars aren’t dead, at least for some brands.

    I like the clean lines of the new Countach, mostly. The nose is a bit bland and that side scoop a bit large, but it’s mostly a nice contrast to the typical overwrought supercar.

    That Bradford looks quite lovely as well.

    My automotive news is putting a new caliper on the E46 so I can finally drive it again. Replacing the rear pads, I found that I couldn’t get the RR caliper to compress fully and it was dragging pretty hard upon reassembly.

    Final inspection on the barn is Monday. First sealer goes on the concrete this weekend, second next weekend and then I get to move stuff in.

  5. Slow Joe Crow Avatar
    Slow Joe Crow

    Personal news is the calm before the storm. Next week our son is supposed to finally get the manual transmission back into his 2000 Corolla and repatriate his 2003 Buick so his sister has a college car. Meanwhile I am steeling myself and my wallet to change out the fuel sender and pump on my truck.
    I have mixed feelings about reviving the Countach, having been gone so long I fear it may do a disservice to legend of the original. Also it need to be more angular.

  6. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    next week we’ll learn the Integra is a compact hybrid crossover. 2.0 turbo, 9 speed auto. Apple Carplay standard. the only colors are light silver and charcoal gray.