The New Yorker spotlights our obsession with police chases

The moment we hear “car chase in Los Angeles” we’re all inclined to grab a beverage and snack, and sit it front to the [you]tube. It’s like watching the best part of a Hollywood movie, but live, and with a mostly unpredictable ending. I am guessing that it’s only more dramatic in Los Angeles where chases get direct local coverage and can actually happen on the same roads that you’re stuck in traffic on daily. The New Yorker takes a critical look at our obsession with Los Angeles police chases. 

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6 responses to “The New Yorker spotlights our obsession with police chases”

  1. Wayne Moyer Avatar
    Wayne Moyer

    I miss Worlds Wildest Police Chase because of John Burnell and his cheesy puns. Heck I miss Hot Pursuit on Real TV because it was the antithesis on Worlds Wildest Police Chases. instead of showing training footage and silly stuff. You got fatals, shoot outs, and real life stuff that just scared the heck out of you. It was the “Blood on the Highway” of police video shows. Although it would also show weird videos like cars that just disappeared and drunks doing weird things.
    Sure we have youtube but it’s not the same. Oh and just for s’s and giggles go look up what happened to the creator of Worlds Wildest Police Chases Paul Stojanovich. It’s almost unbelievable except that’s it true but never made any of his shows.

    1. Troggy Avatar

      There was an Xbox game made of the same name, full of John’s cheesy comments. It also had an easter egg mode where the commentary was complete lunacy.
      The game played pretty badly, but the John’s commentary was worth multiple replays to get all of the different conclusions to the “chases”.

  2. Alff Avatar

    Add this to a very long list of reasons I don’t regret leaving Los Angeles.

    1. Alff Avatar

      If I were prosecutor TMZ would regret this day.

      1. outback_ute Avatar

        That was a slightly mischievous comment, I think it is more likely he assisted in blocking in the blue Mustang. Hopefully the bus was empty at the time!