The new DMC: Sorcery of a Different Sort

Quick!  If I say “DMC”, you say “12”, right?   It’s forever been that way since we met those bad, bad, VW-driving Libyans and learned how to defeat them. Well, after viewing the following video, the acronym “DMC” is going to have to fight more than Libyans for it to solely mean “DeLorean Motor Company”.   Apparently there’s some Doc Brown wannabes in Festus Missouri, and while they don’t need gullwing doors and a Mr. Fusion to build up their so-called “DMC”, fusion of a different type is most definitely involved. Some of you will catch on the instant the hood is popped.   All of you will had damn well better wear a downright McFly grin as soon as it cranks… and keep on cheezin’ all through the test drive.   If you don’t, well, you’re a communist, and should promptly go back to Libya, seeing as how you disabled proper vid embedding of this particular clip.   So you’ll have to take the 88mph jump to YouTube to view it, but trust us – it’s worth the effort.  Just try not to read the title as that could spoil a wonderful surprise.    (And don’t ask me if they have communists in Libya – if you can’t fall in love with this, that’s the least of your worries and besides, it’s not the 80’s anymore). [youtube][/youtube] See Hear what I mean?  So which would you rather have:  a prop DMC time-machine, or a drivable invisible-garbage-truck where-the-hell-is-that-noise-coming-from Holy-WTF! DMC (Diesel Monte Carlo) Headasploder?    If you’re still unsure, check the video’s relatives on YouTube, where there’s all sorts of diesel mashup sorcery for you to wrap your head around.  Who knows, by the time you’re done I might have found a new pop culture meme to poorly beat to death. (Burnout for Sparky Pete for the tip!)

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