The Mother of All Vintage Drag Picture Threads

flaming dragster burnout Be it F1, rally, stock cars or drag, vintage racing is a peerless paradigm of authentic automotive awesomeness. The sponsors were few, the cars were metal and the helmets were open faced. On some level, old-school drag racing wins points for being the most low-budget, under-engineered, whittled to a single purpose activity. F1 is a ballet, rally is a wrestling match, but drag is a punch so hard it knocks your jaw off. Where are we going with this? The Jalopy Journal’s Hokey Ass Message Board, aka the H.A.M.B., contains a thread, comprised of seventeen thousand four hundred ninety three posts germane to “History Drag Cars in Motion”. If you’re into this kind of thing, you’ll likely recognize a few these, which will leave you only several thousand other shots to admire. We’ve got a a few samples to whet the appetite, but you really ought to just give up on work for the rest of the day and head over there. Lastly, it’s technically not really in motion, but what the hell is this? Hat tip to MadKaw!

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