The Friday F-85 – 1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Keeping up with the early-’60s posts, yesterday’s Volvo P1800 is today accompanied with a 1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Finished in an attractive shade of dollar green, it’s the classiest Olds I’ve seen since I spotted an Aurora last fall. Seriously, Oldsmobiles are pretty rare here, as they weren’t the first on the line to make it big in Northern Europe. You have a bigger chance of bumping into a Buick here, of all things.

I kind of want to slick back my hair, don some D-Fens glasses and drive it out of town with the AM radio blaring and a packet of Luckies under a rolled-up sleeve of a white shirt.

I’m really fond of the fairly minimalistic front treatment. The chrome seems to be in top condition.

The deep rally wheels suit the car well, too.

The Olds was shot in the same spot where I followed the May 1st cruise. There’s a quite good bar behind it, one that has an excellent selection of Californian microbrews.

Yes, that’s what it looks when I document these.

There’s nothing quite like a good old American rear overhang and a solid C-pillar, is there?

Despite an air of American largeness about the Cutlass, it’s still intermediate-sized. But that’s always the thing about square, classic US metal parked in a Finnish streetcorner; the camera adds 500kg.

Under the hood is most likely the 5.4-litre/330ci V8; the plate info says something about “5031cc” but that can’t be right.

Of course, I may very well be a heretic but the next Olds I’d like to see would be an ’80s Toronado Trofeo or something akin to that.


[Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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