The False Neutral Podcast #110 – Discount City!

Eric was in the broadcast booth this past weekend. He announced the Daytona 200 for the trackside crowd and the NBC Sports streaming broadcast. We recorded this episode before he left Michigan for Florida and we talk about his (at the time) upcoming broadcast. Garrett is back in good health! He finished settling into his new home, and is ready to get back to bikes. He was nearly ready to pull the trigger on a new Royal Enfield 650 Continental GT when another model currently available at fire-sale prices piqued his interest. Pete is continuing to slap leftover parts together, and having surprising success with it. He also put a brand-new, long-distance touring vehicle in the driveway, but it’s not what you’d think. Along the way, we discuss a couple of new bike models we’ve been watching lately, including a less-ugly variant of the Harley Pan-American, the Triumph Trident 660, the revised 2021 Triumph Bonneville Bobber, and the reborn (yet again) Buell.

False Neutral – Discount City!

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Garrett’s recently completed bookcase project
Pete mocks up an engine and torque converter in his spare-parts bike.
Heidenau K66 tire
Harley-Davidson Pan America in black
Triumph Trident 660
2021 Triumph Bonneville Bobber
Royal Enfield 650 Continental GT
2020 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701
2021 Buell 1190SX
Pete’s new 7×20 utility trailer

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