The False Neutral Podcast #103 – Johnny Lewis of Royal Enfield’s Slide School

We’re very excited to have flat-track racer, teacher, fabricator and all-around evangelist Johnny Lewis joining us this month. Johnny runs the Moto Anatomy training facility. He recently hooked up with Royal Enfield’s flat-track program to create the Royal Enfield Slide School and participate in RE’s Build-Train-Race project. Along the way, he has been teaching flat track techniques around the globe, as far away as India. We discuss the new RE 650 and 411 flat trackers and the challenges of teaching riders how to “crash without crashing.” It’s a fascinating conversation for anybody, regardless of your familiarity with American flat track. [Bree Poland explains more about the Build-Train-Race women’s racing initiative on Episode #98]

False Neutral – Johnny Lewis of Moto Anatomy & RE Slide School

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The Harris-framed Royal Enfield 650 flat track racer
The Slide School’s Himalayan-based Royal Enfield 411FT
The rider-modified 650 Interceptors of the Build-Train-Race program.

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