The False Neutral Episode #62: Flying Solo

The False Neutral Episode #62

This week Garrett is off on his group ride for his birthday and the guest we had hoped to book fell through, so Eric flys solo.  Since it’s only Eric, it’s a short show, about 20 minutes, and he talks about two topics, The Motor Company possibly buying Ducati and this past weekend’s MotoGP race at the legendary Assen track.

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False Neutral – Flying Solo

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One response to “The False Neutral Episode #62: Flying Solo”

  1. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    Royal Enfield is in the bidding as well. You’re quite right, IHMO, if they can’t make MV Augusta work, they won’t work with Ducati.

    With one exception, They both make Vee twins, maybe there is a tiny overlap. Perhaps the lack of social media presence does betray that HD buyers tend to be older than fiftyish?