The DFL Show: Episode 54 – Robin Miller Mad Libs


Big weekend of racing with the Indy 500, Monaco Grand Prix, Coke 600, Nurburgring 24, Sprint X, and more. We have an excellent game at the end. Stef has horrifying internet problems for the entirety of the show. Enjoy.

The DFL Show – Robin Miller Mad Libs

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2 responses to “The DFL Show: Episode 54 – Robin Miller Mad Libs”

  1. ninjacoco Avatar

    It’s Friday and my internet is still not fixed. Today, I waited around for a repair guy who went to the wrong apartment, and marked ME a no-show. They sent a guy back out immediately who could actually read an address this time, but all he did was swap out my router and say that they’re “monitoring” my connection, which promptly broke right after he left.

    I hate everything and especially Grande freaking Communications.

    1. Alff Avatar

      I’ve had great success in situations like this raising a beef on the company’s Facebook page. Public complaints often receive quick attention.