The DFL Show: Episode 35 – The Fire


This week on DFL, Eric, Brad, Joel, and Pat sit around the mics to discuss the goings on of last week’s motorsport events. There was an Asian LMS race, the Race of Champions, and the opening round of the World Rally Championship in Monte Carlo. We’re kicking off the season, literally the first stage, with a bit of tragedy, and we try to remember that the sport is dangerous, despite how much we love it. We don’t have a game this week because we go overtime ranting about news items, but we give some half-hearted awards and talk about the Daytona 24 coming up next week. We give our predictions that are likely to be quite wrong. Watch the race to see how wrong we are! Oh, and NASCAR has some bullshit new regulations that are terrible and awful and we hate them.

The DFL Show – The Fire

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